Taurus Spray

Taurus Spray

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Taurus: April 20-May 20

Taurus is slow, deliberate earth sign. Sometimes it can be hard to get a Taurus to move, but with enough momentum, they are difficult to stop. Taurus influenced people like to take their time and plan their methods carefully. But that also can seem like they are stubborn..and they certainly have a tendancy to be, well, “bull-headed”!

Taurus key words: Steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, self-reliance, constructiveness, practicality, humour, fearlessness and stability, Stubbornness, domination, obstruction, dogmatic attitude, conceit, self-centred behaviour, laziness, exacting approach.

Astrology Sprays can be used for Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Ascendants or any aspect of your Natal or Transit chart.

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