Biofield Tuning Session Info

We are delighted you've booked a session with us! Clients describe the experience in various ways - everything from relaxing, to profound and life changing. If you want to share these sessions with your friends and family, our session brochure is HERE - print and share - We love referrals. In the meantime we need to collect a little information from you, and share some information with you before we can begin.

Please take a few minutes to complete our intake form. You can access it here:


Biofield Tuning is a cornerstone of our sessions, and as such, we believe it is critical that you know the basics of what is happening during a session. The low down on what you can expect after a session can be downloaded here:


In this short video, Eileen McKusick explains the fundamentals of Biofield Tuning:


In this longer video, Eileen goes into detail about the anatomy of the biofield, how the tuning forks pick up on traumas in your field, and explains why we are not seeking to "raise our vibration" but instead "clarify our vibration, and raise our voltage."