Tunings & Readings

Integrated Soul Reconnection Therapy and Biofield Tuning

The human mind currently processes more information in one day than people had to process during an entire lifetime in the 1700’s. The  demands on the human brain and the nervous system have never been as great as they are today. In response to these demands, humans are beginning to evolve a sensory system that allows them to live as intuitive, multi-faceted beings.

Cheryl and Melanie work on chakras in addition to the core seven chakras, which assists our soul in coming more fully into our body.  This important work helps our energetic and nervous system process the shift that is happening on Planet Earth.

Also, when we go through physical and emotional traumas, the  energy of that experience gets stuck in the biofield (aura), contributing to physical pain and anxiety. Using sprays and tuning forks, we can re-tune the experience, helping the trauma reintegrate back into the chakras. This assists us in feeling more whole and alive, and also increases our ability to handle every day stress.


Session Descriptions



 A mixture of Astrology & Numerology. Subsequent readings deal with transit charts, relationship charts, and dive deeper into the aspects of your natal chart.  Readings can also be done via Zoom. (Having your exact birth time is important for an accurate astrology reading)

“Having my birth chart read really helped me understand myself on a deeper level. Instead of trying to fix all the things I perceive as ‘wrong’ with me, I can now accept that these things influence my personality and are simply pieces I need to accept rather than fix or reject.”


Energy work/Biofield Tuning sessions

  1. Stress reduction- relax the body to the point where the central nervous system can activate the parasympathetic nervous system response of rest, so healing can happen.
  1. Clear energies- Using energy, tuning forks, and aura sprays – which consist of healing gem essences and therapeutic essential oils- we can release and seal energy leaks in the biofield so the chakras can reabsorb the lost pieces from the trauma/energy leak. This helps with feeling lighter, having more clarity, and assists in the ability to handle stress.
  1. Use tuning forks, energy and sprays to balance, realign, and awaken dormant or underactive chakras, and activate extended chakras such as Earth Star, Earthly Gateway, Core Star, Causal, Sun Star, and Stellar Gateway.

*For new clients, we recommend a 2 hour session, a one hour reading and one hour of  energy work/tuning. 2 hour sessions are also great for those clients that feel they are in a rough spot and need some questions answered,  or even for someone who wants to dive a little deeper into their healing.*


Adrenal resets

Adrenal Resets help your “stress glands” reset their rhythm to a more coherent tone, resulting in relief from adrenal fatigue and the effects of chronic stress. To be most effective, we recommend 3 adrenal resets in 3 consecutive weeks.

What our clients are saying about Adrenal Resets;

“It felt like I got to the core of me that I could never access.”

“I had a lot more energy and clarity after the 3rd session!”


Session packages and prices

1 hour sessions:

Reading only- $120

Energy work/Biofield Tuning Only—$120

1/2 hour reading + 1/2 hour energy/tuning = $120

Relationship Sessions

Assists in clearing the static in the signal between 2 people.

Ideal for couples, siblings, parent/child, business partners or any type of relationship that desires clarity and open communication.


*Or combine with a Composite Chart reading and make it a 2 hour session for $199.

Situational Tuning 

Tunes the different aspects and obstacles for specific situations. Great for work situations, career blocks, and any situation where you’re having trouble gaining ground or clarity.


2 hour sessions:

1 hour reading + 1 hour energy/tuning + $199

(recommended for 1st time clients but also available for regular clients who would like a deeper session) 

All ‘in-person’ sessions and readings include an Earthkeepers Spray

Adrenal reset package

3 sessions within 3 weeks (45mins-1hr)


Includes an Adrenal Fatigue Spray and Adrenal Roll-on


Biofield Tuning Package

Dig deeper into your self-knowledge and clear the static out of your signal!

3 – 1 hour sessions


(must be paid upfront, includes 2 sprays)

Prices in effect January 1st, 2018