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Perfectionism Spray

Perfectionism Spray

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Many of us struggle with Perfectionism in our day to day life. It may show up in our work, family, relationships, and friendships...there really is no place where it can't rear it's head and contribute to interfere with authentic connection in all those areas. This spray was made to help us uncover the patterns in our past and subconscious that lead us to feeling we need to be perfect. A helpful idea is to repeat the mantra "I love and accept myself exactly the way I am!" 

In a spiritual sense, Perfectionism effects us in a different way and it can push us towards being perfectly forgiving, non-judgmental and compassionate. Sometimes those things can be manipulated by certain people around us who know that being spiritual is “supposed” to mean that. This often results in others rolling over our personal boundaries, and we get lost in trying to be compassionate, when it’s really firmness that is required to maintain a healthy level of self-respect.  Perfectionistic tendencies can block us from true soul evolution as well. If we are busy trying to meet others’ definition of the perfect spiritual person, then we aren’t truly walking our own authentic Soul Path. Allowing yourself to unfold as you need to, and accepting that your path may look different than everyone else’s, is true soul progress. It’s not an easy road, but this spray is there to help you compose your own Soul’s Symphony!

Ingredients: Crystal Essences in Spring Water, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic vegan-friendly preservative, crystals. ALCOHOL FREE! 

Scent notes include: Geranium, Jasmine, Palmerosa and other essential oils




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Creation of our Sprays

When we find a need for a spray, not only do we research and cross reference the crystals and oils extensively from a    variety of sources, we also test them out within our sessions, and on ourselves and family. In the case of the pet sprays, we test them on our own pets. 

If the spray doesn't yield the required results, we tweak it until we consistently get the energetic effects we desire.


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