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Nurture ME Spray

Nurture ME Spray

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The definition of "Nurture" is the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something. Our "Nurture me" crystal essence was created to assist us to recognize when we need self-care. The Jasmine scented bath products are like slipping into a piece of heaven as the essence helps to regulate our nervous system, reminding us self-care is a very important practice. Our "Nurture Me" aura spray can be used daily to bring care and regulation to the biofield. When using our "Nurture Me" products, create the intention that this time in the bath or shower is your self-care time where you practice nurturing your self. Use our Aura spray daily when you curl up with a blanket and tea and sit with yourself. Feel the soothing benefits of the crystal essence and essential oils as you spray your biofield and Nurture yourself.

To Nurture the self is a skill not many have mastered in our society. We may be adept at nurturing others, but that seems to elude us for our own selves.

For females, it may have been modeled to Nurture our children, siblings, parents, and spouses, but its very rare for women to see self-nurturing modeled. The norm is to take care of others, while sacrificing the self. This creates an emptiness internally that is easily fed with the wrong mate or various other substances, particularly food.

For males, it's very rare to see any modeling whatsoever for nurturing...and self-nurturing: almost never! Men are commonly taught that they shouldn't be "needy" and instead they turn to something else to fill that void. This is why we see so many addictions in our society. We all look for internal nourishment in the wrong places!

We created the Nurture ME spray and products to help us build the skill of Self-Nurturing, so that we can learn how to fill the empty spaces with the Nurturing we are constantly denied in our culture. 

Ingredients: Crystal Essences in Spring Water, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic vegan-friendly preservative, crystals. ALCOHOL FREE! 

Scent Notes: Floral & Citrus

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Creation of our Sprays

When we find a need for a spray, not only do we research and cross reference the crystals and oils extensively from a    variety of sources, we also test them out within our sessions, and on ourselves and family. In the case of the pet sprays, we test them on our own pets. 

If the spray doesn't yield the required results, we tweak it until we consistently get the energetic effects we desire.


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