Shame Spray ~ Building Self-Respect

Shame Spray ~ Building Self-Respect

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Shame. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling. If shame stays where it is, unseen and unexplored, it will continue to affect you. It’s behind the self-critical voice in your head, unsatisfying relationships, feelings of lack and unworthiness, painful feelings of humiliation, that you’ve done something wrong or that there’s something disgraceful or embarrassing about you, which results in choices that keep you from fully living.

It’s the secret emotion that can sit in you like a poison. The last thing you want to do is bring it out in the open. This spray represents the light that can begin to untangle shame. If you explore it with wisdom and patience, you find tenderness, self-compassion, courageous vulnerability, and the relief that comes from no longer hiding from yourself. You move from feeling separate and alienated to being more at ease with yourself and your own experience. The brick walls that disconnect you from everyone and everything begin to fall away. Rebirthing your own Self-respect, you can create a life with more zest and sacred connection.