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Self-Care ~ Aphrodite Spray

Self-Care ~ Aphrodite Spray

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Self-care - what is it really? The term tends to conjure up images of bubble baths and spa visits, but it is really a lot more basic than those sorts of things. Real self care is knowing when you are thirsty, hungry or tired, and making sure you fulfil those basic needs in healthy amounts. It's knowing when to say no, and how to say it diplomatically. Self-care is knowing when you need help with something and knowing how and who to ask for it. Self-care is treating yourself with kindness, respect, forgiveness and even mercy; speaking respectfully to yourself in your own mind, always. It's believing in yourself, your own vision, your own gifts - and surrounding yourself with people who support you and believe in you too.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and passion, who never questions putting herself first. We created this spray as a reminder that regardless of circumstance, we all need and deserve Self-Care, and to assist you in carving out that time for YOU.

Ingredients: Crystal Essences in Spring Water, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic vegan-friendly preservative, crystals. ALCOHOL FREE! 

Scent notes include: Cedarwood, Rose and other essential oils


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Creation of our Sprays

When we find a need for a spray, not only do we research and cross reference the crystals and oils extensively from a    variety of sources, we also test them out within our sessions, and on ourselves and family. In the case of the pet sprays, we test them on our own pets. 

If the spray doesn't yield the required results, we tweak it until we consistently get the energetic effects we desire.


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