Purpose Spray- Finding your Passion & Purpose

Purpose Spray- Finding your Passion & Purpose

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Purpose Spray

We are constantly inundated with societal pressures to “find your passion! Follow your bliss!” But most of us struggle with knowing for certain what our purpose is. We may have talents, but we can often take those talents for granted when they come too easily. As humans, we strive to create a life that has meaning, and that isn’t the easiest task when we are constantly forced to give in to the mundane tasks of day-to-day living.

So much of our inspiration can be blocked by static on our biofield, so we created this spray to assist in clearing our mind and spirit so we can connect to our higher self. Our higher selves already know what we came here to do, so if we can connect to the coherence of our own higher energy, then our purpose becomes much clearer.

Our talents can also be a guidepost to what our purpose is. I often hear people negating that which they are good at because it’s “just so simple, and too easy!” But those unique things don’t necessarily come easily to all of us, so amplifying what we are good at can be a step in the right direction to where our purpose lays. As we use our talents to guide us, the path to our true purpose can begin to light up and shine towards us like a beacon.

This can also be a process of learning what we need to let go of so we can embrace a new part of our lives. There can be comfort in the security of the life we are in, and change can mean giving up that sense of safety to allow the new to come in. 

This spray works best if used as a daily part of your energetic routine. Just as you brush your teeth to maintain healthy dental hygiene, use this spray to assist your vibrational hygiene and unlock the areas of your biofield that are closed off due to routine and the mundane.

Of course, we still must exist and live life in the mundane, so this spray is also to assist us in finding purpose in the smallest tasks and finding beauty in simplicity. Once we master that, our purpose is drawn to us magnetically.

Another way that this spray can help is by assisting you to embrace the change within that our purpose requires to take hold. It helps clear out the cobwebs of things, jobs, people, relationships, even ideals and beliefs that take up space and block our purpose from manifesting. The more we bring vibrational coherence to our biofield, the more we build resonance, and then we feel more fulfilled and purposeful. Dreams begin to come within our reach!