Processing Guilt

Processing Guilt

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Everyone has things in their lives that make them feel regretful, shameful and guilty. Guilt is a difficult emotion to process, because when it becomes too unbalanced, we become self-destructive. Guilt likes to be pacified with food, shopping, sex, alcohol and/or drugs…and then we feel guilty for all those things too. Thus, the cycle continues…we beat ourselves up for something, and then pacify it with something, and on and on…

If we could truly digest and process guilt the way we digest our food, this would make life so much easier. Using that example, if we eat too fast or too much, we feel sick. Same thing with guilt; it’s best validated in small amounts, taken slowly and gently, while loving and accepting ourselves. This spray is not intended to pacify guilt, or make it go away…it intention is to help us process guilt, and uncover the patterns that lead us to the behavior that creates the guilt in our lives, so we can change those self-destructing habits.