Denial Spray

Denial Spray

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Denial Spray - Welcoming Home the Denied Parts of Ourselves

Denial is the conscious refusal to perceive that painful facts exist, and through such denial, we can escape intolerable thoughts, feelings, or events. Psychology has identified denial as the primary defense mechanism that most people use to cope with highly stressful situations. It often involves blocking certain external events from our conscious awareness. Essentially, if a situation is too much for us to handle, then we refuse to experience all or parts of it. That doesn't make the facts or the reality of the situation go away, but it allows us to pretend that it isn't real, therefore reducing its impact on us.

Denial can be a healthy option to protect yourself temporarily during tough situations, but when you use denial as a defense mechanism on a long-term basis, it can easily become a way of lying to yourself. While it might seem easier in the moment, the reality is that it can cause you to develop maladaptive behaviors and unhealthy relationships.

Most of us don't realize that we're in a state of denial until a situation has gotten out of control. If you find yourself dealing with the same types of disagreeable circumstances repeatedly, then there is a good chance you're in denial in one way or another. Thus, over time, you could find yourself dealing with the same types of dysfunctional relationships or repeatedly making choices that put you in unhealthy situations.

Denial will also stop you from taking responsibility for your choices, leaving you to blame others while continuing the same unhealthy actions. We may find ourselves denying the effect that our actions can have on others. When we sit in our own denial for too long, we follow a common pattern of projecting our issues onto those around us. When those issues are reflected back to us, this is a painful reminder of all the things we push away and refuse to look at.

We often hear in our sessions that there are things in our client’s past that they don’t want to remember. These past situations may be things that happened to them, or choices and actions that they regret and would rather forget. Those pieces of ourselves become separated off into our energy field and get stuck there- some call these lost soul fragments- and they create static in our biofield. This static keeps us from creating wonderful things in our lives, such as functional relationships with spouses and/or family members, wealth, fulfilling careers, and can even keep us from making healthy food and exercise choices.

There is a natural inclination to say that we don’t want those pieces back, mostly out of regret and shame for the past versions of ourselves that made poor choices while in survival mode, or simply because we didn’t know any better back then. But that is like chopping off pieces of our anatomy, and we need ALL the parts of ourselves…even the parts we aren’t proud of.

The good news is that you may eventually reach the point where you're ready for change, and that means getting honest about your thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices. When you are ready, this spray will help you uncover the parts of yourself that you have rejected and denied. Like embracing a long-lost friend, this process doesn’t always have to be painful, and this spray is here to help you bring coherence and wisdom to those lost pieces of yourself as you welcome them home to yourself.