Abyss Spray – Dark Night of the Soul Spray

Abyss Spray – Dark Night of the Soul Spray

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It is said about the Dark Night of the Soul; “The Dark Night is a herald, an omen, of change. It lets us know that we can’t continue living the way we have been living. Essentially, the Dark night is a process of shedding away your old home and going in search of a new one.”  Mateo Sol.

This process is one of the most difficult on the spiritual path, it can feel like you want to give up on everything and everyone around you. No angels sing, no guides there to help you…it feels like you really are in the darkest of abysses, all alone with no one to           understand you.  This spray was created to help you validate and navigate all those tough emotions of the Dark Night, and to remind you that the way out, is THROUGH.