Lilith Spray - Dark Moon Goddess

Lilith Spray - Dark Moon Goddess

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Have you heard of Lilith? Perhaps not. She was the first woman created, and meant to be equal partners with Adam. She was cast out of the Garden of Eden and rejected by Adam because she refused to submit to his will. In the Biblical Creation story, God then made Eve out of Adam’s rib,  who was not his equal, but a part of him instead. Lilith was written out of history, there is no mention of her in the Bible. She is considered a demon, because she fought so hard for what she wanted, regardless of the consequences for those around her.

Lilith represents that inner Rebel, the part of us that refuses to accept the status quo. She is a warrior goddess that teaches us to fight for what our soul is asking of us. She shows us where in our soul’s path we have self-sacrificed for another. And she helps us to have the courage to face the parts of ourselves that we’ve written out of our own story.

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